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Kumi Jo       Session 1:   June19       12:00-4:00
Kumi Tachi  Session 1:   July 10       12:00-4:00
Kumi Jo       Session 2:   July 24
Kumi Tachi  Session 2:     Aug. 7  
Demonstration                Aug. 14

Kumi Jo and Kumi Tachi is the practice of two person Aikido weapon forms. Our Kumi Jo camps will consist of basic to advanced (Jo) short staff movements, both solo and two person forms will be taught. Our Kumi Tachi camps will explore two person sword choreography akin to samurai sword fighting. Beginners use foam padded swords, Shinai (bamboo kendo swords) then Bokken (wood practice swords).
To register please go to our Classes page and find Summer camps 2021.

Please indicate what camp you are registered for in the medical section.

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