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Island Aikido Tonbo Dojo



Island Aikido is a member of the United States Aikido Federation (USAF). We support local seminars as well as travel nationally to attend other events. It is our USAF obligation to support master teachers who studied under the founder, Morihei Ueshiba, during his life.

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What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern form of Japanese martial art or Budo (path of the warrior). Aikido training incorporates natural fluid movement with a non-violent, non-competitive philosophy. Aikido teaches us to merge and blend with an attack rather than fight it. Moving with the energy of an aggressor requires more rhythm and timing than strength. While looking at conflict in this way, one can find peace and harmony in ourselves, others, and society. Aikido’s non-destructive self defense training keeps one centered, relaxed, and focused while embodying a sincere practice to protect and enhance all life.

Non-competitive practice

Aikido training is a practice and process. There is no goal of winning or losing. There is no competitive element in learning Aikido. Aikido is a process of learning about our selves and how we interact with the external world. In Aikido we repetitively refine our mind and body coordination through movement and philosophy.

Aikido is the power of cooperation and connection. It is the natural law of the universe as all things work towards improvement and harmony.

Nonviolent self-protection

Aikido develops the positive mind when faced with internal conflict, verbal conflict, physical conflict, and violent conflict. This is the way of Aiki (natural harmony). Aiki is as our model for dealing with conflict. Aikidoka merge with the direction of Ki (energy) thus respecting, redirecting, controlling, or capturing aggression and conflict. This is done appropriately depending on the situation with compassion and restraint. Aikidoka will never intentionally abuse or injure another.

The use of Aiki in physical technique is a powerful yet gentle means of controlling and redirecting aggressive conflict. Aiki is for two conflicting energies to blend and resolve in a constructive manner.

What is Kenjutsu?

Often referred to as Iaijutsu or Iaido, Kenjutsu is the term for the larger category of martial sword practice which has its roots in the ancient traditions of the Samurai. Traditionally intended as Bujutsu (combat effective fighting art), Iaido has evolved into Budo: the spiritual path of the Warrior. Beginning practice focuses on basic attitudes of the sword, postures, rudimentary movements, and history.

Aiki weapons is exciting way to further study a deeper understanding of Aikido principals. Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo practitioners use a Bokken (wooden practice sword) or Jo (short staff) to develop rhythm, timing, and fluidity as it pertains to Aikido movement and philosophy. Kenjutsu is the traditional art of drawing, cutting, and sheathing with the Japanese Katana.

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